19-year old Dipti Vishvasrao from Zarye village, Ratnagiri district wants to become a doctor and achieve her dreams. She would be the first lady doctor from her village. Seeing Dipti’s determination, GOD OF CRICKET, Sachin Tendulkar has come forward to help her with some assistance for her further studies.

Dipti’s Inspiring Story

Dipti Vishvasrao belongs to a financially weak background from the village of Zarye in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. 19 year old Dipti is ambitious about her dreams and wants her parents to be proud of her. 

Due to poor connectivity problems in Dipti’s village, she decided to go to a place with proper network connectivity. She used to walk kilometer to get a proper network for her online studies. Dipti has been excelling in her school studies and has been among the studious one’s in her class. Her determination and skills paid off well in Board’s exams and in the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) as well. She scored a  574 out of 720 in the NEET examination to get selected in a good Government Medical College. This brought her one step closer to her dreams.


But the actual problem begins here. She is from a farming family and faced financial problems in getting admission in the college. She struggled to secure her seat in a good Medical College. Her parents somehow managed to collect money for the admission process by borrowing it from relatives and friends. The complications were still tackling her way further. Due to the modest family income source she was unable to bear the hostel and other expenses. All these expenses were like a mountain for her family. And day by day these were becoming more complex problems. When Dipti started to lose hope, Sachin Tendulkar came to the rescue.

Sachin Tendulkar And Seva Sahayog Foundation’s support

Sachin Tendulkar has supported financial aid to 800+ students from 24 districts, across 4 states, over a span of 12 years under project Vidhyarthi Vikas Yojna through his Seva Sahayog Foundation. Dipti is one such beneficiary of the program to make India’s youth educated and ready for the future.

Sachin came across Dipti’s problem via social media platform. He was really inspired by Dipti’s story and wanted to help her immediately. Sachin made sure that all the expenses were taken care off within a limited time frame. Knowing that Dipti was overjoyed, she knew that now the parachute of her dreams was ready to be opened. 

More to the story

In a video shared by Seva Sahayog Foundation on their Twitter handle; Dipti seems to be really happy to pursue her dreams. In the video, she thanks, Sachin Tendulkar Foundation for providing her this scholarship because of which she got a medical seat in Government college in Akola and her lifelong dream is coming to reality. Now she can solely concentrate on her studies and become the first lady doctor from her village. She also promises to help the needy children in the upcoming future and give them wings to fly.

Sachin Tendulkar reshared the Seva Sahayog Foundation video on his twitter handle (@sachin_rt). He says “Dipti’s story is really an aspiring example to those who are chasing their dreams and making them a reality. Her story inspires a lot more people to work hard and move ahead in life.” He wishes Dipti a brighter future.

Lessons to learn

The lesson we all should learn from Dipti’s story is that, if we work on dreams with full concentration and determination, our hard work will definitely pay off. It might take a lot of effort to bring our dreams to reality but the sweet success will be cherished forever. Sachin Tendulkar along with Seva Sahayog Foundation, is helping such students in any way possible and making India’s future educated. 

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