NTA releases application dates and tentative dates:

National Testing Agency (NTA) has released tentative dates for NEET UG and NEET PG. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate (NEET-UG) is scheduled to be taken on 12th September 2021 and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test postgraduate (NEET PG) is scheduled on 11th September, NTA and education minister Dharmendra Pradhan confirmed. The authorities also announced certain changes to the exam pattern, release of application forms, reservations in NEET, etc. 

  1. Change in the exam pattern:

National Testing Agency (NTA) has recently added to the students notice that there will be a change in the examination pattern for both NEET UG and NEET PG this year. The number of questions to be attempted will be anyway unchanged. The pattern change is as follows:

  1. a) There will be certain optional questions which will ease the load for students to attempt any 180 according to the given pattern.
  2. b) There will be two sections of each subject in the paper namely A and B. Section A will have a total of 35 questions all being mandatory to attend by each student without any optionals provided in the first section. The second section i.e. section B will have a total of 15 questions out of which 10 stands mandatory to be attended. 
  3. c) The above-mentioned subject will be for all subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  4. d) The above-mentioned pattern will provide the students a relief of 15 questions getting them to choose among these 15.

  1. Increase in the centres- 

As per the authorities announcement this year, the number of centres in NEET has been increased. Gujarat- 214; Goa- 15; Haryana- 40; Himachal Pradesh- 35; Jammu & Kashmir- 99; Jharkhand- 36; Karnataka- 298; Madhya Pradesh- 144; Maharashtra- 615; Manipur- 22; Odisha-83; Puducherry-15; Punjab- 28; Andhra Pradesh-151; Arunachal Pradesh- 11; Bihar- 192; Chandigarh- 32, Chattisgarh- 82; Dadar and Nagar haveli- 5; Lakshadweep-1; Meghalaya-9; Uttarakhand- 43; Uttar Pradesh- 320; West Bengal- 189; Ladakh- 1; Rajasthan- 269; Punjab-28; Telangana- 112; Tripura- 11; Mizoram- 5; Delhi/ New delhi- 111 and these all come to a total of 3968 centres whereas in the year 2020 it was 3843. Also a NEET exam centre is set up in Dubai for the year 2021. 

  1. Medium of question paper for NEET exam-

The languages that will be offered this year are-

English, Hindi, Assamese for Assam; Bengali instead of Assamese for the state West Bengal and Tripura.

4) NEET application is released in two phases:

NTA has released in the official bulletin board about the news that NEET application to be released in two phases one which will be the main application form which had the last date of 6th August 2021 which is now rescheduled to 10th of August. And the second will be released before the results announcement and after the completion of the exam. Both the forms shall be duly filled by all the appearing candidates without any failure or else the examination of the candidate must stand canceled and no authorities shall be liable for the cancellation of the respective candidate’s exam.

  1. Reservation for OBC and EWS-

The central government has recently taken the reservations for the OBC and the EWS into consideration and resolved the issue coming to a conclusion that the Other Backward Classes (OBC) will get a reservation of 27% and the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) will have a reservation of 10% in the All-India quota of medical education. This comes to around a reservation of 5,550 seats among the total of the seats in the NEET examination. Also reservation for the SC and ST’d withstand and the reservation of all Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, and the Economically Weaker sections all sums up to around 52% of the total seats.

  1. Reduction in the syllabus-

Looking at the increase in the demand of reducing the syllabus for the candidates who will be appearing for NEET in the year 2021, NTA has come to a conclusion to reduce around 30% of the total seats only for the candidates who will appear in the academic year 2021. The change in the syllabus are as follows-

  1. Few topics from about 14 chapters in Chemistry from class 11 and topics from about 16 chapters from class 12 have been deleted.

  1. Topics from 9 chapters of class 11 Physics and portions of about 10 chapters from class 12 physics are removed.

  1. About 11 chapters from biology are subjected to be deleted from class 11 and  5 chapters from class 12 Biology are to be removed.

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