Why NExT?

In the meeting held on 30/07/2021 where ministers of health and Family Welfare- Shri Mansukh Mandaviya and National Medical Commission (NMC) also our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji, came to a conclusion and planned to run a mock test for National Exit Test (NExT). This test will be conducted in the year 2022, a recent release by our central government. 

What is NExT?

The NExT is a common exit exam which will be held in two phases and is held to standardize the medical education all over the country and also to give a cease to illegal medical practices. This idea was proposed by the NMC and this exam idea was also a part of the bill which was passed in the year 2019. This means from the next year, this exam will replace the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Postgraduate (NEET PG) and Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) exams. 

Phase 1 and Phase 2 exams- 

In the first phase of the NExT will be a qualifying as well as a competitive sort of examination. The candidates have to appear for the exam with the knowledge of their MBBS course, a five-year long course. The student has to appear for this step with the syllabus of entire MBBS course as this step is almost the replica of NEET PG exams. After this the candidates will be promoted as meritorious medical students and will be eligible to practice in their respective fields or the candidates may even opt for higher course of degree. This will be an internship of 10 months and they will only be eligible for this internship when they clear their phase 1 exam. With the combination of these 2 phases, and qualifying both of them, the candidate will have a legal license of practice and after the clearing of both phases they can work legally in India. Also, the foreign candidates who want to practice in India have had to clear this exam for getting legal license. 

Objective of NExT:

NExT will be a sum total of FMGE, NEET PG and CHS. This will be a exam of a total of 540 exam and will be a Multiple choice question paper (MCQ’s). Its main objective is to eradicate fake medical practices and to bring transparency in the field of medicine. This exit exam would come out to be a competitive exam and would be a 3-day long exam for the candidates. For the preparation of the students appearing for NExT, a mock test will be conducted in the year 2022 to prepare the students for this exit exam. This exam will be conducted in the year 2022 and 2023 as of now officials say. 

Advantages of NExT:

This exit exam would help in eradicating fake medical practices and also help in relying in the medical education. This will help in bringing transparency in the field of medical and this would make the foreign candidates and the Indian candidates to prepare and appear for the same level of examination.


NExT is an exit exam will be conducted in the year 2022 and 2023 which will be a 3- day long examination and candidates will have the syllabus of entire MBBS course. This exam will bring transparency in medical education and eradicate fake medical practice.

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