Lucknow, February 2 : Expressing their views at the two-day International Interfaith Harmony Conference being organized online by City Montessori School, Asharfabad campus, eminent personalities from India and abroad said in one voice that it’s time to embrace the Indian spirit of ‘Universal Brotherhood’ to achieve the goal of world unity and world peace. Renowned thinkers, philosophers and scholars from Russia, Brazil, USA, Egypt, Germany and India are participating in this international conference. Today, on the first day of the conference, Ms Carmen Balhestero from Brazil, Dr Hong Tao Tze from the USA, and Justice Dr Adel Omer Sherif, Dy Chief Justice of Egypt stressed on social unity, religious unity and religious harmony in their addresses. Earlier, the conference commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp, school prayer, all-religion prayer and world parliament conducted online.

        Initiating the discussion in the conference, Chief Justice of Egypt, Hon’ble Dr Justice Adel Omer Sherif said that unity and peace can only be achieved through inter-faith dialogue.   This conference being organized by CMS is a unique effort and its impact will be far-reaching. Academician from Brazil, Ms Carmen Balhestero said that humanity thrives only in an atmosphere of unity and peace. Education is the only medium through which the evils prevailing in the society can be rid of. Dr Hong Tao Tze from the USA said that religion connects human beings and making the future generations aware of this feeling is the biggest need of today. Academicians from the USA, Ms Dara Feldman and Ms Fiona Dwinger also expressed their views on this occasion. A major highlight of today’s conference was the Question-Answer session between CMS students & teachers and the eminent panelists and speakers wherein the speakers answered all their queries to their satisfaction.

        Earlier, CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, while extending a hearty welcome to all the eminent participants said that religion cannot be separated from education or daily life. Therefore, it is important that we love each other as human beings. This is the objective behind organizing this International Interfaith harmony conference. CMS President & MD, Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon and Principal, Asharfabad Campus & Convenor of the conference, Mrs Trapti Dwivedi also expressed their views on this occasion.

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