List all the things that you can do for 5Rs. In one day. Well, in 5Rs, you can prepare for your JEE-IIT and NEET examinations. India’s most challenging and elite tests for just 5Rs! No, not joking. This has become possible. Vedantu, an online tutoring and education provider platform and TATA-SKY, an Indian direct broadcast satellite service, which provides Television Services, have collaborated to provide affordable and quality education to the aspirants


TATA SKY is an enterprise that came into existence in August 2006 by the parent companies TATA GROUP and THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, later joined by Temasek Holding as a minor partner. Tata Sky in India has a famous promotional and marketing song, “Tata Sky laga dala toh life jingalala.” Since the enterprise has set its foot in this field, it has not looked back after that. Tata Sky made a record and made history on 9 January 2015 by becoming the first Indian DTH operator to offer 4K set-top-boxes to its consumers.

Vedantu, an Indian live tutoring platform where students can choose their tutor from worldwide, discover and learn. Vedantu was founded in 2011was by four IIT friends. (Indian Institute of Technology) but was launched for the public in 2014; this platform focuses on students’ knowledge development worldwide. The name of the venture has its significance. The company’s name Vedantu is derived from Sanskrit words Veda, meaning knowledge and Tantu, meaning network. During the COVID-19 times, online platforms like Vedantu collaborated with governments and schools to provide education to students, with the primary objective of making education accessible for students in these challenging times.

Taking a step forward, Vedantu and Tata Sky have collaborated to provide the best, cheap education to all the students and aspirants for various exams like IIT-JEE and NEET at a very low-price pan India.



Both the partnered enterprises have launched dedicated platforms for the cause of providing online classes. Namely, Tata Sky JEE preparation and Tata Sky NEET preparation, associated with Vedantu. The faculty of experts from various IITs and AIIMS to teach the students.

Students of class 9th to 12th can opt for the preparation classes of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)- Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), National Entrance Examination Test (NEET) for Medical and National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and various other Olympiads. Students can opt for this and start with their classes. Not only this, but the dedicated platforms will cover the primary syllabus for the 11th and 12th standard from the point of view of examination for IIT JEE MAIN, IIT JEE ADVANCE that is for engineering and NEET for Medical.


The main feature to note here is that classes and lectures will be delivered in both English and Hindi by Vedantu faculty; for more ease, all the content will be available on the Tata Sky mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store app store easily. Study Material, On-Demand content, Repeat Lecture, Doubt Sessions, Tests, Class Notes, Mock Tests and Revision are some more key features offered in the pocket-friendly pack of 5Rs. Per day, all this of which can also be accessed by students and aspirants via application; anytime and anywhere.

Quizzes, Interactive sessions are also part of these new 5Rs. Pack, students can play an examination quiz with the help of a TV remote and respond with that too. The main focus of this initiative is on covering the competitive syllabus and preparing students for the same core lessons as being given for students preparing for competitive examinations.  The classes will be divided into two, first for types 9th to 10th, the foundation course for them the lesson videos will be more than Four Hundred and Forty. For classes 11th to 12th, the videos will cover all the syllabus in more than Twenty-One Hundred videos. The timeline for this form is July 2021 to February 2022, with a comprehensive revision session starting from January 2022; All of this is just rupees five per day!

Students from various backgrounds and affiliations take this examinations, some have world class access to resources while some don’t even have proper study material, with this initiative as Television have a greater and a wide reach the gap will fill and will not just benefit the students but the country in the long run, this will specially help students who have lack of resources and aspirants from rural areas.


The platform aims at bridging up the gap and provides equal education to all. The process to register for this is very simple, Subscribers all you have to do is. Subscribers will have to give a missed call on 8891088910 to access Tata Sky NEET on 518 and get access to Tata Sky JEE Prep on 517 by giving a missed call on 84600484604.

Tata Sky’s subscribers will receive a special discount on Tata Sky-Vedantu’s Live learning programmes, including courses for 12th and other competitive exams, CBSE or ICSE or State Board exams, and many more. Subscribers will get access to Live classes, curriculums, course revision material etc., through this offer and the mobile application.

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