How to prepare for chemistry section in NEET 2021

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Every mark matters in the run for a good score in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET. But studying such wide subjects can get a little bit demanding. A student will get anxious and will be confused in choosing which subject to study and revise with NEET dates just around the corner. Usually candidates get too engrossed in studying for physics or biology and leave chemistry as they consider it too meticulous and tough to study. However chemistry can be very scoring and easy if studied well. Also the chemistry section in NEET contains 45 questions and carries a whopping 180 marks with that! It becomes fundamental to score well in this section to ensure that you will get your dream college. So follow these tricks to secure a good rank in the upcoming NEET exam.

Strategies to cover Chemistry In NEET 2021

  • Prepare a time-table: You need to allocate your timing to each and every subject, not missing on chemistry. So prepare a time-table with specific hours given to all the subjects. This will keep you time oriented and help you study efficiently
  • Study important topics first: Chemistry is a very vast subject with physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. So it is important to revise those topics first that are important from exam perspective and many questions were asked from those topics. Study lengthy topics afterwards.


  • Revise your notes: You surely must have your notes from classroom and self written notes. Make sure to revise them and practice the examples mentioned. Revise the chapter summaries and make sure to give proper timing to each subject.
  • Practice with mocks and sample papers: You must write as many mocks and test series as you can because this will provide you with real-time practice and you can judge where you stand. Make sure to do proper written tests.

  1. Prepare a test taking strategy and analyse your mistakes: After each test, analyse your mistakes and work on their improvement. Prepare your test taking strategy with every mock and decide your course of action in the actual NEET exam. 


Hope that you enjoyed and learnt how to prepare for your chemistry section in NEET. We wish you all the best for your exam and hope that you will score well!


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