Do’s before 15-17 days before the date of examination:

  1. Don’t keep any topic uncovered till the last date. Try to cover each topic in your syllabus at least 5-6 days before your examination so that you have enough time left to revise the syllabus once. 
  2. Try to revise the topics which carry more weightage and topics which are hard beforehand so that you don’t feel stressed while giving the final revision. 
  3. Make timetables and studying strategies for preparation to ace your exams. You have to make effective and practical timetables that can at least last till the date of examination effectively.

Don’ts before 15-17 days before the date of examination:

  1. Don’t try to study numerous different topics in a single day. It will reduce the efficiency of your learning and hence won’t benefit you much in the end.
  2. Don’t eat heavy throughout your day, eat light and healthy so that you don’t feel sleepy and lazy all the time and hence don’t end your day on an inefficient note.
  3. Never ever procrastinate your task to tomorrow or some other day. The day never comes and that task remains to be on the pending list till the end. So, if you decide to do a task today, do it today and don’t leave it for tomorrow or else you will be in great trouble when the examination point will be near enough.

Do’s before or on the day of the examination:

  1. Start revising for the final time 3-4 days before the examination. Don’t try to go through a fresh topic as you might end up messing up the entire day of revision.
  2. Solve practice papers and sample papers of at least the past 15 years to have your hand practiced in the pattern of the exam and when appearing for the exam, you won’t feel the pressure.
  3. Get a healthy sleep before the day of the exam. Don’t study the night before the exam lest you will feel restless during the exam and also you might forget some things due to sleep in eyes and restlessness in the brain.

Don’ts before or on the day of the examination:

  1. Don’t try to intake heavy and unhealthy food 1-2 days before the exam. This would reduce your efficiency and hence you will feel less energetic while studying and also during exams.
  2. Don’t take any eatables in the examination hall. Also, don’t forget to take a printout of your admit card as you would be denied entry without that. Follow the guidelines properly and when inside the examination hall, pay heed to the instructions by the examiner to avoid getting into any trouble later.
  3. Pay a visit to the center a day before the examination to get the best route to reach and avoid getting into jams. Also, try to reach the center at least 1 hour before the exam to complete the formalities and avoid chaos later. 

Bonus Tip: During the examination, solve the questions you find easy and finish them off quickly. Do the unfamiliar or tough questions later. They are time-consuming and therefore when you have done the easy questions you will have confidence and hence you would be able to solve the rest questions constructively.

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