Government Denies the Plea Of Postponing NEET: Rahul Gandhi expresses his views

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NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is a competitive exam conducted for qualifying into MBBS and BDS programmes in India. Admissions in medical and dental colleges are provided on the basis of NEET results. It is conducted in the month of may every year but for the past 2 years it has been conducted in the month of September. The test is organised by NTA ( National Testing Agency). 

This year it will be conducted on 12 September. In 2020, the test was conducted on 13 September amid the covid via taking precautions where approx 13.66 lakh candidates gave the exam. Back then in 2020, the candidates were asked to take precautions, like carrying their own water bottle, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. Candidates were made to go under thermal scan and separate isolation rooms were prepared in centres for candidates who might be infected.

Students plea for postponing NEET 

This year students filed a petition in court urging to postpone NEET. The exam is going to clash with various other exams and the saying goes that it’s going to clash with the compartment exam which is being held by CBSE. It is estimated that around 25, 000 students were going to give either improvement exams or compartment exams according to a petition submitted by petitioner’s Advocate Shoeb Alam. 

Court’s reaction – 

The court dismissed the petition saying if the test is rescheduled then that would be unfair to the majority of students and the court will likely not interfere with any other examination process. Since the number of students appearing for NEET is approx 16 lakh deferring the exam on the plea of few students wouldn’t be appropriate. Justice AM Khanwilkar along with Justice Hrishikesh Roy and Justice CT Ravikumar said that for the one percent of students the system can’t be put on hold and may be irrelevant for the rest 99 percent of the students. Further the court added that one must make a choice and prioritise if they are appearing in multiple exams and any rescheduling of exam will lead to clash with some other exam. Further stating students must get back to studies and prepare oneself. 

Rahul Gandhi expressing his views

Rahul Gandhi expresses his views joining the students petition and targeting the Government for taking the decision of not postponing the NEET. 

He tweeted, ”  GOI going blind to student’s distress. Postpone NEET exam. Let them have a fair chance.” 

He expressed his views saying the Government can’t see students’ plight and asked to postpone the exam. In 2020, he criticised the Government for conducting NEET and JEE amid the covid situation asking to put hold on it and saying students safety was of utmost importance and cannot be compromised because of Government’s failure. 


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