September 26, 2021

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Global Interfaith Convention at CMS on 5 August

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Lucknow, 3 August : The International Relations Department of City Montessori School is organizing Global Interfaith Convention at 11.30 am on Thursday, 5th August at CMS Gomti Nagar (Campus I) auditorium. Representatives of various faiths, thinkers, educationists, social workers and other learned personalities of India and abroad will enlighten the masses about the importance of unity and coordination of different religions. The above information has come from Mr Shishir Srivastava, Head of CMS International Relations Department. Mr Shishir Srivastava informed that the renowned personalities participating in the convention include Fr Andrew D’Cuhna from Christianity, Acharya Shailendra Jain from Jainism, Maulana Dr Kalbe Sibtain (Noorie), Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahli and Mirza Mohammad Maulana Yasoob Abbas from Islam, Shri Bhikkhu Gyanlok from Buddhism, Shri Madhu Smita Das from Hinduism, Shri Harpal Singh Jaggi from Sikhism, Dr Jagdish Gandhi from Baha’i and many more.

Mr Srivastava informed that this conference is very timely and will prove to be a great confluence of different religions and ideologies. He added that there is a need to explain to the future generations that all religions lead to the same Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He expressed confidence that this conference would be helpful in establishing an atmosphere of unity, peace and harmony in the entire world society.



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