Fire and earthquake evacuation drill conducted in CMS

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Lucknow, February 2 : A ‘Fire and Earthquake evacuation drill’ was organized in the premises of City Montessori School, Jopling Road Campus, to train the students and teachers of the school to operate the fire extinguishing tools, successfully use fire escape and evacuate the building in an orderly fashion in the event of an earthquake. Chief Fire Officer of CMS, Shri R Ghosh demonstrated the use of fire extinguishing equipment and evacuation technique to the students.

            The students were taught how to leave a multi-storey building safely in case of a fire or an earthquake without causing a stampede. In the evacuation drill conducted inside the premises, the students and teachers successfully used all the exits and evacuated the building in just 1.30 minutes and assembled in the school playground. The students and teachers saw the demonstration of how to use various fire extinguishing equipment to douse fire caused by different sources, provide first aid to the burns and take injured to the hospital. The demonstration included extinguishing fire caused due to gas leakage, electrical malfunctioning and various other reasons. The students were also taught what precautions to take in the event of an earthquake.

CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi expressed gratitude to the Principal, Mrs Shipra Upadhyay and said that besides raising awareness among students about the do’s and dont’s in the event of the fire, the drill has also trained the adults to take suitable measures in such scenarios. Dr Gandhi further said that it is extremely important to provide this useful information to the students so that they can save themselves and others in case of a fire or an earthquake.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Shri Hari Om Sharma said that CMS organizes such fire and earthquake evacuation drills from time to time to create awareness among students and teachers so that they can act accordingly without panicking to protect themselves and others.


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