Lucknow, April 8 : Renowned educationist and Founder of the world’s largest school, City Montessori School, Dr Jagdish Gandhi , while addressing a press conference today in City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus I, Lucknow, apprised the media personnel about the appeal he had sent, on behalf of world’s 2.5 billion children and the generations yet unborn, to all the World Leaders. As the Global Institutions like the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice have neither been successful in delivering a pertinent solution to the escalating War in Ukraine and have failed to force Russia to declare a ceasefire, we fear the advent of a Third World War. Dr Gandhi believes it is time now for all the Sovereign Nations of the world to come together to form a Supranational Government for the sake of humanity’s silent masses, specially the world’s over 2.5 billion children and the generations yet-to-be born.

Dr Gandhi informed that in the past, three American Presidents had taken initiatives to establish world peace. Firstly, it was American President Woodrow Wilson, who in 1919, called a meeting of 42 nations of the world and established the League of Nations which brought an end to the First World War. Secondly, American President Franklin D Roosevelt, who in 1945, called a meeting of 51 nations of the world and established United Nations Organization which brought an end to the Second World War. Thirdly, American President Harry Truman implemented the Marshall Plan in Western Europe during the European War, rebuilding and subsequently reunifying much of Europe with about US$ 13 billion which were given by the USA.

He introduced the concept of a United Europe and the birth of the European Union with a European Parliament of 27 countries and Euro currency (adopted by 19 countries) and the Court of Justice of the European Union at the centre of the unification effort. Since its formation, the European Union has succeeded in preventing wars between otherwise warring nations and has brought lasting peace in Europe.

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