Don’t Treat Young Doctors as Football : SC to Centre for Last Minute Changes in NEET 2021 Syllabus

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Don’t Treat Young Doctors as Football : The Supreme Court asked the center not to play with the lives of young doctors at the hands of some insensitive bureaucrats for last-minute modifications in the NEET Super Speciality Examination 2021 syllabus. Do not treat young and future doctors as players in the game of power, the Supreme Court said on Monday. The Supreme court on Monday warned the centre that it could impose restrictions if it isn’t satisfied with the reasons for the last-minute amendments on the NEET Super Speciality Examination 2021 syllabus.

Supreme Court Statement:

The Supreme Court also advised the MoHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare), the NMC (National Medical Commission), and the NBE (National Board of Examination) to “put their house in order”. It “will not allow these young doctors to be placed in the hands of some insensitive bureaucrats”, the apex court added.

The bench consisting of Justices D Y Chandrachud and B V Nagarathna asked Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati, appearing for the Centre, to convene an appointment with the other two authorities within a week. The bench demands that they should come with some strong reasons as these are the matters of young students’ future. The court also said that if the reasons are not satisfactory enough then it will pass the structure.

It also added “Don’t treat these young doctors as footballs in the game of power. Hold the meeting and put your house in order. We will not allow the lives of these young doctors to be placed in the hands of some insensitive bureaucrats”.

The Following Conversation:

The Supreme Court was hearing the case of the 41 Post Graduate doctors who had protested against the last-minute changes to the syllabus following the notification of the examination was published. From the start, the senior advocate Shyam Divan, who represented the young doctors, claimed that there is a pressing need to resolve the case and they have submitted an oral submission on the subject. Advocate Gaurav Sharma, representing NMC, stated that they wanted to file an answer to the case and requested an adjournment for one week.

The bench said, “Advocate Mr. Gaurav Sharma, what is the NMC doing? We are dealing with the lives of young doctors who will pursue super-specialty courses. You have issued the examination notification on 23 July and then on August 31 you changed the syllabus. What is this? They are expected to sit for examinations on November 13 and 14”.

Senior Advocate Maninder Singh, representing NBE stated that they should be given the opportunity to submit the response until next Monday, because there was sufficient reason to make the changes, and the authorities were aware of the challenges faced by students and were awaiting approval from the three authorities in question.

The bench also asked for the reason for the issuing of notification for examination to Mr. Singh. The bench also asked why it cannot happen next year? The bench said that the students begin to prepare for these critical medical courses months and months ahead and also ask for the need of last-minute changes.

Mr. Singh claimed that a change to the syllabus was on the horizon for quite a long time, and the preparations were in place from 2018. The authorities have attempted to take care of the problems. He also asked for a week to explain everything.


The plea has stated that in the current examination pattern 60%marks are awarded to questions from super speciality courses, while 40%of marks are awarded for other classes. According to the notice released on August 31, for changing the exam pattern 100% marks will now be given for general medicine questions. The medical students have claimed in their petition that they had been working for the exam in accordance with the previous pattern that has been in place for three years.


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