The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test [ NEET] is scheduled to be held on 12th of September, 2021. The National Testing Agency (NTA) launched the NEET 2021 registration website at on July 13,2021 and the registration for NEET commenced by then. The registration link for the NEET UG 2021 is to be open till 6th of August.  There are a total of 16 lakh candidates all over India. Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan confirmed in a press meet that there would be no further changes on the syllabus of NEET 2021.

Impact of covid-19:

Due to this pandemic everything has become uncertain and same goes with NEET 2021. There are still some petitions filed for postponement of NEET UG as well as NEET PG. Vivek Pandey, a famous Social & Political activist filed an RTI to NTA on May 5th asking about the updates about the test and a request to postpone the exams keeping at mind the current situation. As the exams for 2020 were postponed due to increase in number of covid cases around. People are hoping same goes this year so that the students are safe and they give their tests in a proper safe environment. Though the government has increased the number of centers but still it does not feel safe to people. 

Answers by minister on NEET 2021:

The health minister, in reply to Lok Sabha on 23rd July, informed that NEET UG as well as PG will be held on their respective dates i.e., NEET UG on 12th of September and NEET PG on 11th of September. They will be held with all the protocols and social distancing would equally be practiced. Further he added few points that would be kept in mind to ensure that students are safe. There won’t be also any further delay in other common entrance as well.

  1. Proper social distancing would be maintained.
  2. The centers will be duly sanitized before the start of the exam.
  3. The students will be wearing their masks and the ones suffering from any problem due to wearing mask for long hours will be seated at the last bench and they would be exempted from the compulsion. 
  4. Admit cards issued will have covid e-pass facilitating students’ movement to reach the centers without hustle.
  5. No crowd would be entertained outside the centers ensuring students safety.

Concern of students:

There is a huge question prevailing in all the students appearing for NEET. When will the exam dates be finalized? Due to this they are also lacking confidence in preparing as it totally seems uncertain for the exam to be held on the due date. Students are daily sending mails, hovering on the internet to find any updated news, all this is leading to wastage of their precious preparation times.


The authority has changed the total number of questions to 200 letting the students opt for 180 questions out of 200 questions. Though the authority has been giving updates regarding pattern but there is no particular update for the exam date finalization as officials say, “NEET will be held at its scheduled date.” NEET admit cards are said to be released 3-4 days before the exam date. 

The authorities also said that there will be no reduction on syllabus for 2021.  4 marks will be awarded for a correct answer and a negative marking of -1 for each wrong answers. 


The final NEET details are to be updated on the official website,, though if not, the exam will be held on the given dates. If exam is taken in covid times, proper protocols will be followed to ensure safety.

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