Lucknow, December 26 : City Montessori School is hosting its 28th International Children’s Camp from 28 December 2022 to 19 January 2023.  Children from  Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Mexico, Sweden and India, aged 11-12 years, are arriving here to participate in this International Children’s Camp with their adult leaders. Besides, junior counsellors, aged 16-17 years will also participate in the camp acting as intermediaries between the children and the adults. The formal inaugural ceremony of this  International Children’s Camp will be held on 30th December, Friday at 11.00 am at the CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. Shri Surya Pal Gangwar, IAS, District Magistrate of Lucknow, will be the Chief Guest on this occasion.

              CMS Founder and renowned educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, President, CISV India Chapter, informed that these young delegates of various countries will be staying under one roof for nearly a month imbibing the qualities of cooperation, friendship, world unity, world peace and global understanding. Dr Gandhi said that this International Children Camp enhances the sentiments of mutual understanding, cooperation and friendship among the children of various countries and inspires the young children to tread the path of peace, unity and brotherhood. Dr. Gandhi informed that during their stay, opportunities will be created by the teachers by simulating an atmosphere which will be conducive for children to freely express their thoughts and ideas and know each other’s customs and traditions and thus appreciate the similarities and diversities in cultures.Dr Gandhi informed that Children’s International Summer Village Camp (CISV), England organizes International Children’s Camp every year in different countries and this is the 28th Camp being hosted by CMS. Participating children are provided stay, food, sports facilities, tour to city and its historic places, medical care etc. by CMS.

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