CMS teacher conferred the title of Super Trainer

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Lucknow, April 21 : Ms Fahmina Iram Siddiqui, a teacher at City Montessori School, Chowk Campus has been conferred the title of ‘Super Trainer’ for setting high level standards with creativity and innovation in online teaching-learning. Ms. Fahmina has been bestowed this honor by the educational-technical institution ‘Qizziz’. This information was given by CMS Chief Public Relations Officer, Shri Hari Om Sharma. Shri Sharma added that Ms. Fahmina has adopted innovation in her teaching methods, understanding the capabilities of students in the present technological era, as well as inspired other teachers to innovate in online teaching-learning. CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi has congratulated the Principal of Chowk campus, Ms Aditi Sharma and her teacher for this outstanding achievement.

Shri Sharma further informed that it was only due to the dedication and conscientiousness of CMS teachers that the school is setting new records in academics each day. CMS teachers have consistently upgraded their teaching methodologies in the 62-year journey of the school and achieved high milestones by delivering the best results, bringing glory not only to the city but also doing the country and the state proud. It is only because of these learned teachers, CMS is striving to make its students, citizens with a balanced personality, a gift of God to mankind and total quality persons by imparting all three types of education including spiritual, human and divine education.

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