CMS Tableau wins first prize at the Republic Day Parade 2023

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Lucknow, January 27: City Montessori School won the fisrt prize for its unique Tableau presented at the Republic Day Parade this year, based on ‘Sarv Dharma Sambhav’ with the title “Ishwar Allah Wahe Guru, Chaahe Kaho Shri Ram, Sabka Maalik Ek Hai, Alag Alag Hain Naam.” The Tableau spread a powerful message of love and unity, respect and harmony for all the religions of the world and highlighted the spirit of unity in diversity and Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam. It advocated the essential unity of all religions as all the Avatars and Prophets have descended from the same one God who is our Creator. CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi and the mastermind behind the noble concept of unity and harmony of religion as portrayed in the Tableau, congratulated all the students, teachers and workers whose combined effort had made the Tableau presentation on Republic Day Parade a grand success.This information was given by the Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Shri Hari Om Sharma.

Shri Sharma explained that the Tableau has a universal appeal and it shows the Temple, Mosque, Church and Gurudwara, Baudh Vihara and Baha’i Temple all propagating religious unity and oneness of the human race, World unity, peace and justice also forms the guiding principle of Article 51 of the Constitution of India and inspires the world leaders to come together on a common global forum such as a World Parliament to seek peaceful solutions to the world’s problems. The Tableau also shows the great souls of India, like Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Llama, Swami Vivekanand, Sant Vinoba Bhave and Sant Kabir imparting teachings of religious unity and peacefulness to all humanity. Mahatma Gandhi and his three monkeys are shown spreading the idea-see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. On the whole it is a a beautiful and artistic presentation full of nobility of thought and expression and an educational tool for the masses.

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