CMS students take out Interfaith Harmony March

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Lucknow, February 1 : Students of City Montessori School, Asharfabad Campus took out a grand ‘Interfaith Harmony March’ today and made a vehement appeal for maintaining communal harmony and unity to all social and religious communities. Various religious leaders including Shri Madhu Smita Das and Swami Vyomatitananda from Hinduism, Maulana Sufyan Nizami and Maulana Yasoob Abbas from Islam, Shri Rajendra Singh Bagga from Sikhism, Dr Donald H.R. D’Souza from Christianity, Shri Shailendra Jain from Jainism and Bhante Kaushal Bodhi from Buddhism led this huge March of CMS students giving the message of brotherhood, peace and harmony. Participation of a large number of mothers of CMS students was the higlight of the march. It is worth mentioning here that CMS Asharfabad Campus is celebrating Interfaith Harmony Week and this ‘Interfaith Harmony March’ was a part of celebrations of the week.

            Earlier, the CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi inaugurated the Interfaith Harmony Week by lighting the lamp of learning. Welcoming the august citizens on this occasion, Dr Gandhi said that Religious Unity and World Peace are the need of the hour and these virtues should be implanted in the young generations from the beginning. CMS President, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon said that CMS students not just create academic records but also are at the forefront of socially-useful activities as responsible citizens of the society. CMS students are determined to revive the ailing society, she added.

The ‘Interfaith Harmony March’ began from the campus premises and disciplined walk of students in rows on the streets of Asharfabad looked wonderful. Clad beautifully in the dresses of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian, the students carried the placards with slogans of religious manifestations to inspire people to live in  communal harmony and social unity which received massive support from the general public. Residents of Asharfabad area supported the CMS students’ mission for promotion of social unity and peace.

            Mrs Trapti Dwivedi, Principal of CMS Asharfabad campus expressed heartfelt gratitude to everyone for encouraging and supporting the noble cause of CMS students.


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