Lucknow, 14 September : President and Managing Director of world renowned City Montessori School (CMS), a Guinness World Record Holder school and winner of UNESCO prize for peace education, Professor Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, has been specially invited for giving a lecture at Harvard University, USA, one of the topmost universities of the world. Professor Kingdon will be speaking on the topic, “School education in India” and addressing the students, teachers and educationists at the Harvard Kennedy School of Governance. Professor Kingdon will be leaving for the USA on 19 September 2022. that Harvard University is an Ivy League University and is placed among the top 20 universities of the world. The university invites eminent scholars and experts in various fields to deliver lectures to its students and staff on issues of global concern from time to time. Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon is the President and Managing Director of City Montessori School, Lucknow and is also Professor at the Institute of Education, University College London (UCL) where she holds the Chair of Education and Economics and International Development. She has been instrumental in bringing about robust and meaningful changes in education in India and especially at CMS to revitalize the entire system and modernize the school framework making it more student friendly and adaptable to adverse circumstances like COVID without losing the essential traditions and values which have made the school great.

Mr Sharma further informed that this educational trip of Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon is of great significance in more than one way. It will propagate the CMS ideals and values abroad and spread the message of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam across the oceans. This all embracing philosophy signifying that the whole earth is but one family is an inherent part of ancient Indian values and deeply embedded in our rich cultural heritage. Professor Kingdon will throw light on the CMS Bolder and Broader system of education, the spirit of Jai Jagat and the efforts of the school in making every child a world citizen, a gift of God to mankind and a pride of the human race. Prof Kingdon received her childhood education at City Montessori School, Lucknow and thereafter, did her B.Sc (Honours) in Economics from the University of Oxford. She still continues to be part time UCL Professor in London and is also President and Managing Director at CMS, Lucknow, India. She has lived in England for 31 years and has submitted several useful papers on education in leading journals and magazines.

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