Lucknow, 14 July : Three-day International Interfaith Conference organised by City Montessori School, Asharfabad Campus was inaugurated this evening in a grand way at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. The conference was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mr Danish Azad Ansari, Minister of State, Minority Affairs, UP. In his address delivered on the occasion, Chief Guest, Mr Danish Azad Ansari said that through this conference based on the theme ‘Unity of thoughts among religions, for a better world,’ CMS is awakening the society, especially the youth about the importance of unity and peace. He said that the efforts of the school in spreading the ideas of unity and brotherhood deserve great appreciation. At the glittering inaugural ceremony, CMS students presented a wide array of cultural items based on religious unity which won the hearts of the viewers.

               It is worth mentioning here that International Interfaith Conference is being organized from 14 to 16 July at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium wherein religious scholars, thinkers, visionaries, academics and social activists from India and abroad are participating. The theme of the Conference is ‘Unity of thought among Religions, for a better world’. This three-day program is mainly divided into seven-panel discussions where the contributions of religions towards the discourses on climate change, justice, education, and the role of media and technology will be explored from a variety of points of view.Welcoming the eminent scholars and thinkers on this occasion, CMS Founder and Baha’i follower, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that education remains incomplete without religion because it teaches us values in life and leads to our spiritual progress. Therefore it is essential for us to learn about tolerance among various religions. It is with this aim that this international conference has been organized. CMS President and MD, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon said that religion has a powerful hold on the human heart, and if its power to inspire can be tapped for positive causes, it can benefit humankind tremendously.

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