Lucknow, April 4 : CMS Founder and renowned educationist, ex-MLA, Dr Jagdish Gandhi has declared his and wife Dr Bharti Gandhi’s personal assets. At a press conference held at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I auditorium today, Dr Jagdish Gandhi declared that he and his wife, Dr Bharti Gandhi, both have total assets worth Rs. 14,48,405.17 (Rupees Fourteen lakh forty eight thousand four hundred five and seventeen paise only) as on 1st April 2023. On this occasion, Dr Gandhi said that his actual assets are the 60,000 students studying in CMS from whom he derives the inspiration to work for safeguarding the future of world’s 2.5 billion children. Dr Gandhi is probably the first among the managers of any school to have been voluntarily declaring the details about his assets publicly.             Besides, Savings bank accounts and balances are: Indian Bank, Hussainganj, Savings Bank Account No. 20296581190 has Rs. 1,80,969.40; Indian Bank, Hussainganj, Savings Bank Account No. 20296592678 has Rs. 1,95,934.25; Indian Bank, Hussainganj, Saving Bank Account No. 20296581032 has Rs. 2,57,719.34; Yes Bank Ltd., Saving Bank Account 001890700003782 has Rs. 55,637.33. Total balance in four Saving Bank Accounts is Rs. 6,90,260.32/- as on 31.03.2023. Thus, both these educationists had total assets of Rs 14,48,405.17 as on 1st April 2023.             Dr Gandhi further informed that he and his wife, Dr Bharti Gandhi, both have no land or any other property and do not own any house. Both of them have been living in a rented accomodation for the past 64 years. They have no locker or current account in any Bank nor any foreign currency, gold, silver jewellery or ornaments. They do not have any fixed deposit for their old age. Dr Gandhi clearly declared that apart from the above they have no other assets anywhere else in the world. that the details about the assets of Drs Jagdish and Bharti Gandhi can be viewed on the website : and

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