City students create Science and Technology platform for students to publish their work

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Lucknow, August 27 : Saksham Tripathi and Daksh Kumar Singh, students of Class 11 of City Montessori School, Cambridge Section have created a Science and Technology website, named ‘Scipothesis’ for young students who wish to publish their work online. This non-profit venture aims to create a platform for individuals interested in the field of Science and Technology so that they can learn and share their knowledge with the whole world. Till date, they have helped over 3,500 students throughout the country sharing their work, research and perspectives with the world.

            “It all started when I wanted to publish my work but was rejected because according to them, I did’nt have the credibility”, says Saksham.  However, undaunted, he along with his friend, Daksh created ‘Scipothesis’, a platform where anyone can post their work. In a couple of weeks, they started getting scores of requests from young people around the country who wanted to be a part of their community. That’s when they realised that they were onto something big. “We suddenly realised that we were’nt just publishing someone’s work. We were affecting lives’ , Saksham says.

“Daksh says, “This website makes content available to people all over the world and that too for free so that people can learn and peek into new concepts and bring up new ideas in the field of STEM. As we want to take this field to another level which won’t have any limits like our universe.”

Saksham continues, “Our main aim is to encourage people by creating a platform through which they can showcase their knowledge to the whole world and get acknowledged for it. We want to make a whole society of enthusiastic people who learn from each other and help each other progress. If you have any ideas or research work, you can post it here because we don’t judge people on the basis of their age. We are eager to take any relevant content from any person and give full credit to that person. So, if you want to be a part of this delightful community, collaborate with us and take a leap towards the future of science and technology.”

            Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager, CMS congratulated the young achievers and said that this is something unique that our students have done. It is because they have cultivated deep interest in Sciences and are now helping people with their website.

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