This is an undergraduate course in Unani System of Medicine. Education and practice under BUMS in India is regulated by the CCIM, a statutory body functioning under the Ministry of AYUSH. This Unani system of aid includes practices using plants, animals, and minerals in yoga, individually or in combination. This article is meant to provide you information about BUMS courses, jobs, salaries and careers in this field of study.

The Unani system of medicine is also known as the Complementary/Alternative Medicine System (CMS). It originated in Greece but today it is mainly practiced in India. It is an unconventional medical system. This system of medicine dates back thousands of years and was derived from the teachings of two physicians Hippocrates (Greek) and Gail (Roman). It is based on the principle that the occurrence of any disease is due to an imbalance of the ‘four humours’, i.e. Yellow Pitta, Black Pitta, Kapha and Blood. Thus, a major focus is given on dietary intake to cure diseases.

Although this system of medicine focuses on herbal remedies, there is also the provision of healing. The practitioners of Unani medicines are called ‘Hakims’. Hakim also performs some minor surgeries when needed. Unani system of medicine has proved to be quite effective in the treatment of various skin related problems, fertility issues and many lifestyle diseases. It is known to cure diseases like psoriasis and arthritis.

According to WHO, the popularity of traditional medicines has increased over the past thirty years. Although there are many tribal classes who still depend on these traditional methods of treatment, newly developed societies are also adopting these traditional systems of medicine. South Asian countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Iran are among the major practicing countries.
The BUMS degree covers all aspects of naturopathy and offers a bachelor’s degree in Unani medicine to students who wish to develop their career out of it. India is one of the leading practitioners of Unani system of medicine, with many colleges and universities offering course programs in it.

About the course
The course duration of BUMS is four and a half years and one year practical internship, making it a total program of 5.5 years. An additional one year of internship is required to complete the degree program. Students can join BUMS course program through various exams conducted at national level and individual state level. Some of these exams are listed below:

NEET (Through Ayush Counselling)
Assam CEE
Telangana TS EAMCET
qualifications required
Educational qualification required to complete the 10+2 system of schooling or its equivalent.
Minimum qualifying marks is minimum 50% required to be enrolled in this course.
Required subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology as major subjects
Knowledge of Urdu language.
The required age should not be less than 17 years.
There is no upper age prescribed for pursuing this course programme. Above 25 years can also apply.

BUMS Course Fee
The fee structure for pursuing BUMS for under-qualified students is around Rs 50,000- 1,00,000 lakhs, which may vary as per the institutes. For quota of individual institutions, this fee can reach around Rs 4,00,000 lakh per annum. However it may vary by some numbers with variation of institutions.

There is also a provision of scholarship in various colleges for those students who cannot afford the fees but want to study in this field somehow.
Other courses under Unani system of medicine
There are other programs also under this education system, which can be chosen to follow. Listed below are some other courses, if one wishes to pursue a degree other than BUMS in Unani system.

Postgraduate Diploma 2-Year Course Program Bachelor (Greek)
MD 3-Year Course Bachelor’s Program (Greek)
M / s. 3 Years Courses Bachelor of Programs (Greek)
P.hD 3 Years Course Program P.G. in Greek

BUMS Career Scope
BUMS has a curriculum approach which is preventive in nature. This system of medicine study lets students lead their dream of becoming a doctor with the knowledge that works on remedial methods. The graduates of BUMS have a wide scope in India as it is widely practiced here. Also, students have scope to work in other foreign countries practicing this system.

With a BUMS degree, you can:

Lecturer – Working to spread the teachings of the Unani system
Doctor – Working as a personal doctor of Unani system
Pharmacist- Distributing Unani medicines
Physician – To treat to cure diseases
Surgeon – performing minor surgery
Research Scientist – To work for improvement and enhancement of knowledge in the field. The Unani system of medicine offers tremendous research opportunities in the field of research.
Industrial worker – involved in preparation of Unani medicine
Some of the famous Unani research institutes are:

Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Lucknow
Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, New Delhi
Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Hyderabad
Also, BUMS graduates can work in different branches/disciplines. For example:

rejuvenation therapy
regimental therapy
internal medicine
diet therapy
Head and neck diseases
bums salary
As BUMS offers a variety of career options, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Unani Medicine (BUMS) get a decent amount of salary. In this, the graduate is paid anywhere from two lakhs/annual to five lakhs/annual i.e. 15,000 in a month’s salary. Also, with experience, one can earn up to 30,000 per month but it will still depend on the institutions you work with.

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