Budding scientists from India and abroad display their talents through Debate and Model Making.

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NEET Bulletin (Bureau, Lucknow): On the second day of 4-day International Computer Olympiad “’E-COFAS-2020′ being organized online by City Montessori School, Rajendra Nagar Campus I, the budding scientists from Russia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar and different states of India not only proved their excellence through various interesting and innovative competitions, they were also engaged in a rich exchange of knowledge and cultures through mutual interaction. Today on the second day of the international Olympiad, the participants amazed the judges and audience alike with their talents in Confabulor (debate), Creators (logo designing) and Teenovation (Model Making) Contests etc. It is worth mentioning here that more than 50 student teams from six countries of the world are online participating in this International Computer Olympiad.
The series of competitions today began with Confabulor (debate) contest for the junior category on the topic ‘Computer today will lead to paperless tomorrow’. 20 teams of India and abroad showcased their argumentative talents and mesmerized one and all. The participants were given three minutes to express their points for or against the topic. Speaking against the motion, a participant said that technology not only does wonder in virtual world but in real-world also. Now you are always informed about everything happening around you. Another participant, speaking against the motion, said that technology has given a jump start to crimes and communication technology has given more opportunities for crimes. Corona pandemic has increased unemployment leading to sense of insecurity.
Apart from it, Creators (logo designing) competition has also been the centre of attraction. Students’ creative skills and innovative ideas found a new area of expression. This contest was based on the ‘Cofas-2022’ theme and 10 teams of students reached the final round. The teams of Russia, Jordan, Bangladesh and several states of India poured out their talents in it. They presented amazing examples of cordiality between verdant earth and people of the world. Similarly, in Teenovations (Science Model Making) contest was also very interesting and knowledgeable for one and all. At the final round, 10 teams from India and abroad were selected to present their models wherein participants beautifully used the unserviceable computer parts to make attractive and useful models on the topic ‘Transforming Computer Junk into Good Use.’ During the competition, the participants answered the queries and questions of the judges and beautifully explained the usefulness of their self-made Science Models.
Mr Hari Om Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS informed that the competitions will continue tomorrow as well. Rendition (Paper Presentation); E-Cofas Doodle and Costek (Choreography) will be the attractions of tomorrow. The events will begin at 9.30 am. Mr Sharma said that tremendous interest and curiosity for computer shown by students makes it definite that these children will discover something new and achieve new heights.


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