Budding scientists from India and abroad display artistic and computer skills

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Lucknow, 27 November : On the second day of the 4-day International Computer Olympiad ‘COFAS-2022’ organized by City Montessori School, Rajendra Nagar Campus I, the budding scientists from India and abroad not only proved their excellence through various interesting and enlightening competitions but they were also engaged in a rich exchange of knowledge and cultures through mutual interaction. Today on the second day of the international Olympiad, the participants amazed the judges and audience alike with their talents in contests like Colesium (Drama), Creatores (Flyer designing), Rendition (Paper Presentation), Footage (Film / Presentation), etc.The series of competitions began today with Colesium (Drama) contest for the junior category on the topic ‘The day the internet died’. In this interesting contest, the participants showcased their artistic talents and mesmerized one and all. Creatores (Flyer designing) contest was a great attraction wherein participating students designed a flyer on the topic ‘Futuristic Machines – Ahead of time,’ and presented it beautifully with attractive slogans and entertained one and all. In The Footage contest, participants prepared documentary films on the topic ‘Sustainable development goal in your locality’ showcasing their views on the social scene. Similarly, in Rendition (Paper Presentation), students prepared a multi-media presentation on the topic ‘Put your best foot forward’ and demonstrated their deep thinking and outstanding computer skills. The participants displayed their concepts and skills in the prelims of the Confabulor (Debate) contest.In the evening session, Euphoria (Cultural Programmes) was held at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium, where participants showcased their talents through presentations of folk dances and songs captivating one and all. The participants enthusiastically poured out their abilities in the group dance, group song, skits, etc. attracting loud applause.

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