A petition has been filed in the Bombay High Court to abolish the National Eligibility Entrance Test Post Graduation (NEET-PG).

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A petition has been filed in the Bombay High Court to abolish the National Eligibility Entrance Test Post Graduation (NEET-PG). The petitioner says that the MBBS graduate students should be allowed to freely opt for postgraduation courses.

Reason for filing petition

According to Ravi Nair (the petitioner), The Covid-19 epidemic has to forefront the medical field’s inadequacies, as well as the fact that there is a severe shortage of doctors not just in rural areas but also in urban areas of India.

Ravi says that after discussing it with the medical, education and legal professionals, they have concluded that increasing the medical seats for postgraduation and abolishing the NEET-PG to let the MBBS graduate students choose postgraduation courses without any boundary will be an easy step to take seeing the circumstances of the COVID epidemic and the need of frontline workers.

The question here arises is that “when a person has already cleared NEET-UG and completed his/her MBBS under graduation. Then what is the necessity of taking NEET-PG when the candidate is qualified enough to be a doctor?”

Chief justice Dipankar Datta and Judge Girish Kulkarni, the bench of two will be hearing the PIL filed in Bombay HC.

Who is Ravi Nair?

Ravi Nair is a media consultant. He has been a vocal opponent of the NEET-PG for some time. He claims that MBBS students have already completed five years of intensive hospital training and classroom study and are now embarking on their way to specialization through PG degrees.

Suggestions provided in continuation of the PIL

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has planned to support Nair’s proposals as an alternative to PG-NEET, and the municipal body has planned to open six mini-medical colleges, significantly increasing the number of medical seats. Nair also suggested that if the petition is replicated in 720 more districts across the nation it can easily multiply the medical seats in the postgraduation to three times the current seats available. 

Post-graduation medical seat availability

The seats offered in the postgraduation are half the seats offered in undergraduate. Undergraduate medical programs are available in 542 medical universities across the country, whereas Postgraduate medical degrees are only available at 64 institutes.

More cases related to abolishing NEET

There are many PILs filed across the nation against NEET and the new guidelines issued for the NEET examination. The National Eligibility Entrance Test has become a sizzling issue across the country. Some of the major highlights related to the NEET examination are:

The new reservation quota of the NEET examination has become a controversial issue. Some think it’s a political move played by the central government to secure some per cent of the vote bank in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh election.

The admissions in undergraduate Nursing and Life Sciences Courses, the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET 2021) may be used for determining the competency of an aspirant as confirmed by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

In the state of Tamil Nadu, the NEET examination is been apposed for a long time now. According to them the NEET should not the conducted because students from the cities and studying in private coachings have more advantage over the students coming from rural areas. Because of not being able to get admission in medical colleges suicide rate in students has also increased.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) is also opposing the draft released by  National Medial Commission (NMC) for the admissions in the post-graduation medical 2021. Many doctors have also criticised the new regulations released by the MNC for the NEET examination. The introduction of the National Exit Test (NExT) is also not entertained by many.


Ravi Nair, a media consultant as filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court to abolish the NEET-PG examination. Chief justice Dipankar Datta and Judge Girish Kulkarni will be hearing the PIL filed in Bombay HC. The seat availability for the PG courses in the medical is haft the seat in undergraduate courses. NEET examination is a sensitive issue all across the country. Since the new draft of the guideline related to the NEET examination has been released, many are opposing the new draft bill.

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