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To free Tamil Nadu from the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), DMK MP Rajya Sabha P Wilson has repealed the Medical Laws Amendment Bill (Amendment) 2021. The Independent Members’ Bill was introduced in Parliament on Friday. The Bill seeks to amend certain laws relating to medical education in India.

 “It has been heard across the country that NEET not only gives students in CBSE schools a higher status but also has a significant impact on high-risk areas,” said Bill. In terms of the proposed legislation, NEET must be challenged on three grounds – (i) the examination is a total violation of the State’s right to regulate medical education; (ii) is based largely on the CBSE syllabus thus placing students from other fields of education at obvious risk; (iii) It requires additional training at great expense other than ordinary school education and not everyone can afford the same fee.


The proposed legislation also emphasized the reduction in the number of students applying for NEET compared to previous years. Passing students from the State Board cannot afford the training required to clear the NEET. In fact, most of the candidates in the State syllabus who applied were older than others, indicating that they may have been tested more often before.

What did the Bill state?

The Bill also states that there is a need to amend Section 10-D of the Dental Act, 1948, in order to grant approval for the United States Exit Testing. “It is also necessary to amend the National Medical Commission Act, 2019, which provides for the National Eligibility- cum Entrance Test under Section 14, and the National Exit Test under Section 15 of the Act so that countries are free to take the NEET Test out,” he added.

Although the Bill was removed by MP P Wilson, it was not introduced by him on Friday as all DMK members went on strike to protest the suspension of TMC’s Sant Sen Sen at Upper House.


Earlier also many bills were passed which were returned back to the Lok Sabha as the Centre, through an official amendment, accepted the Opposition’s demand for greater representation to States in the proposed National Medical Council. Now see what happens about the bill moved in RS to get TN Exempted from NEET. 


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