Choosing a career option is a huge responsibility for the youth especially for Indian youth. According to the survey, almost 35 percent of the Indian youth are unaware of their career and around 6.1 million Indian youth have lost their jobs because of the corona pandemic in 2020-21. 

Career options in medical

Healthcare system is developing at a fast pace and career options in the healthcare system are also increasing.  But students still prefer to become a doctor. Medical students give the most difficult exam that is NEET to get an admission into a top Medical University. However, India faced an imbalance between the number of seats and the number of students. And on the other side, the cost of medical education in private universities stops students from studying medicine.

Youth, especially Indian medical students, put their whole life and efforts into passing the medical exam. After passing the exam, students find lots of opportunities in the healthcare sector as a satisfying career. And one of the best professions in the medical health care sector is Allied Health Professions. 

Healthcare sector is developing and it is no longer limited to only doctors and nurses. For giving best quality services, it needs the support of a variety of healthcare professionals just like western countries Allied Health care professionals. There, Allied Health care professionals play an important role in providing a value chain of health care services. 60 percent of total health care comprises Allied Health Professions in the United States.

Allied Health Profession

Allied Health Professions includes delivery of health services in therapeutic, diagnostic,  preventive, curative and rehabilitative interventions

They work together to promote, protect and cure an individual’s physical, mental, environmental, emotional and social health. 

These professionals contribute in the well delivery of health related services for evaluation identification and prevention of diseases and disorders. The Ministry of Health and Welfare conveyed the rehabilitation and health system management. MOHFW also said that India needs nearly 6.5 million Allied healthcare Professions by the end of 2024.

The government of India now realized the need of Allied Health care professionals.


Allied Health Professions such as physiotherapist,  occupational therapist,  speech therapist,  dialysis therapist,  medical therapist,  radiology technologist and many more play an important role in the field of healthcare sector after the surgical line of treatment. 


Australia has taken a lead role in Allied Health Professions as it has managed to give more than 90,000 qualified and trained Allied Health Professions to the health care sector globally.

According to the United States bureau of labor statistics, Allied Health Profession is in under 10 fastest growing occupation  of the top ten fastest growing occupations. It has also passed the national allied and health care professional’s bill in the Parliament and the creation of a national council for AHPs.  It has given an appropriate place for the future professional in terms of job opportunities, and pay packages in India.

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