All round development of children possible only through Divine Education — Dr Jagdish Gandhi

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Lucknow, March 14 : All round development of children is possible only through Divine Education. Therefore prayers should be held in every school in a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. Teachers and parents should get together to take the students on the path of goodness and righteousness. These views were expressed by the renowned educationist and CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi. Dr Gandhi was addressing the parents and guardians at the Divine education Conference of CMS Jopling Road Campus held in the school premises. Dr Gandhi further said that purposeful education has a long lasting effect on the human mind. Thus, a school should produce balanced human beings and World Citizens by imparting all three kinds of education, viz. material, human and divine to children.

            Earlier, Dr Gandhi inaugurated the Divine Education Conference at the beautifully decorated campus premises of CMS Jopling Road. On this occasion, the students presented  beautiful cultural items  that parents were thrilled and happy to watch. The songs of peace, love and unity presented by students filled the atmosphere with divinity. The children also highlighted the universal values, global understanding, excellence in all things and service to the world which the institution stands for. On this occasion, the students who won prizes in the Annual Examination and in various other competitions were also awarded.

            Expressing gratitute towards parents and guardians, the Principal of CMS Jopling Road Campus, Mrs Shipra Upadhyay said that education sometimes becomes a medium for profound social transformation. Meaningful education helps to draw out the latent talents of students and provides them a direction in life so that they can become leaders in society and contribute effectively for a higher and nobler civilization.

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