After 2 year COVID break, fun & games return to summer camps in CMS

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Lucknow, May 23: The free-of-cost annual summer camps, being organized after a 2 year break caused by the pandemic, have brought back much joy and learning for CMS students. All CMS campuses have organized summer camps with a view to nurture the creative talents of the students and make the best use of their summer vacations. Students are immensely enjoying various activities and sports like cricket, football, swimming, skating, judo, aerobics and are learning dance, music, painting etc.

Parents are happy that children will get a chance to unwind and learn something new during the summer camps. “As children were stuck at home for close to two years, their social skills were affected. At the summer camps, they will not only get a feel of normalcy, but it will also boost their confidence and talents”, said the parent of a class VI student.

Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran, Senior Principal, Kanpur Road campus said that the aim of these summer camps is to engage the students during the holidays through various educational activities as per their interest, maintain their physical fitness and enhance their abilities in fun ways.

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