Admission Scam: Everyone involved from bottom to top in Ayush college admission scam, STF came to know who took what:


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On Thursday, the STF interrogated the accused on remand in connection with the rigging of admission in Ayush colleges. The accused said that officers from the bottom to the top were involved in this game. Some took money, some took gifts. There were some who only performed ‘behavior’. STS will interrogate the accused on Friday as well. The remand period will end on November 26 at 11 am.

On Monday, the STF interrogated the main accused sitting face to face among the accused taken on remand. An attempt was made to connect the links of rigging in this. Sources said that the accused told that Rs 5 lakh was fixed for admission in government colleges but some gave lesser amount. But in this everyone’s share was decided with honesty.

At the same time, two to two and a half lakh rupees were taken for admission in private colleges. The management of those colleges were also set in advance, in which admission was to be given without NEET. Later the data was rigged. Sources also told that not only Kuldeep played the main character, but the officers above were also equal partners in his every forgery.

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