16-year-old Aryan from Bihar, who worked as a NEET trainer in Rajasthan City, committed suicide, police said on Thursday, adding that he arrived in the city about a year ago.

The student lives in the Kamla Udyan area under the Kunhadi Police in Kota.

According to sources, he hanged himself in his bedroom around 9pm. on Wednesday night.

The investigation also found a letter written to a girl among the student’s notes.

The body was left in the morgue. Further investigation has been launched.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Shankar Lal said Aryan, 16, was a resident of Khojpura district in Nalanda, Bihar. He is a 12th grader and also preparing for NEET.

After returning home from practice on Wednesday night, he went to his room and locked himself. During this time, relatives call Aryan, but he does not answer their calls.

Then the relatives called the hostel manager. The supervisor knocked on Arya’s bedroom door which was locked from inside. When the gate does not open for a long time, the police are notified. Aryan was found hanging from a fan in his room when police arrived at the scene at around 9pm. after breaking down the gate.

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The body was taken to MBS Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. Police then notified family members.

Significantly, this is the fourth case in 24 days in May where a student preparing for a competition committed suicide. Between May 8 and May 11, three students committed suicide. Three of these suicides occurred in the Kunhadi Police area.

According to the authorities, there have been ten suicides and attempted suicides in the last five months.

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