90% who cleared NEET took coaching: Tamilnadu Nady study

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Tamilnadu Nady study : The Justice AK Rajan committee is appointed by MK Stalin’s government on the impact of NEET on medical admissions in Tamil nadu.

Committee’s Shared Data

The committee has shared the data that 90% students who cracked the NEET exam  in 2020 in Tamilnadu took coaching and 71% are repeat applicants. 

The committee also found that between 2013 and 2021 and NEET was introduced in 2017), high HDI districts that highly urbanised districts with coaching centres got the successful applicants.

One such instance has drawn the attention that Ariyalur is one of the backward districts with low HDI and has a share of 1.71% seats in pre NEET era and it falls to 0.73% in post NEET era.

And on the other side high HDI districts got the increased share from 3.54% to 10.76% in seats.

After the implementation of NEET, the committee has observed 9.74% fall in admissions,  12.1% among rural candidates and 10.5% candidates with parent’s income less than ₹2.5 lakh per annum.

The report also observed a drop in the percentage of science stream students from 43.03% to 35.94% in the post NEET era.

Tamilnadu got the highest share in 31 surgical and medical super speciality courses that is 413 seats among all the states which is constantly falling as a result almost two third candidates of the seats were lost to others.

Committee’s Statement

The committee also said that coaching are expanding and there are billions of coachings in the industry and offering attentive packages such as 5 year package, 2 month crash courses etc

And influence the students to take admissions in these coaching centres. Thus These coaching are now financially strong and interfering in policy matters.

Conclusion: Alarming situation 

Therefore it expresses the Alarming situation that students nowadays have lost the learning and focused on test taking training. The future doctors cannot think but only applying the intellectual and reasoning disposition in their profession 

In short they are becoming machines in healthcare systems.


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