90% of Indian students who go abroad fail NEET, says Union Minister; Oppn demands apology:

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Pralhad Joshi added that this wasn’t the time to debate why scholars are moving out to study medicine.

In a controversial comment, Union Minister Pralhad Joshi Tuesday said 90% of scholars who go abroad fail the National Entrance cum Entrance Exam (NEET), the qualifying test for studying medicine in India. Still, Joshi added that this wasn’t the time to debate why scholars were moving out to study medicine.

His statement, said to a group of journalists, came on the day India marked its first casualty in the Russia-Ukraine war. A 21- time-old fourth- time MBBS pupil failed amid shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s alternate-largest megacity.

Elderly Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala, replying to the reflections said, “ The Modi government has left children on their own, turning their tails on responsibility and chancing faults among Indian scholars who have gone to Ukraine. It’s disturbing. It’s the capstone of insensitivity and pride of power. Apologize to the children and their families.”

प्रह्लाद जोशी जी,
मोदी सरकार ने बच्चों को अपने हाल पर छोड़ दिया, जुम्मेवारी से पीठ दिखा दी और कमियाँ यूक्रेन गए भारतीय छात्रों में से निकाल रहे हैं ।
यह शर्मनाक है । यह असंवेदनशीलता और सत्ता के गुरूर की पराकाष्ठा है ।

बच्चों और उनके परिवारों से माफ़ी माँगे ।

— Randeep Singh Surjewala (@rssurjewala) March 1, 2022

Navjyotu Patnaik of the Congress party, too, hit out at the minister for his reflections. “ So, Joshi ji, are you saying this is the reason why our stranded medical scholars in Ukraine don’t have a right to return to India safely? (sic),” he said in a tweet.

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the private sector to expand its participation with the end to produce maximum croakers within the country, noting that a large number of scholars pursue medical education from lower countries. “ Moment our children are going to lower countries to study, especially for medical education. They go despite the language hedge. Millions of rupees are going out of the country. Can’t our private sector enter this field in a big way? Can’t our state governments make programs so that India can produce a maximum number of croakers,” Modi had said?

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