The Tamil Nadu Assembly approved a law in September 2020 providing a 7.5 percent quota in undergraduate medical colleges to students from government schools, resulting in an increase in the number of students from Madurai taking the NEET exam. Because the applications are still available, the number is anticipated to rise.

What was the bill ?

The Tamil Nadu Assembly approved a bill last year giving a 7.5 percent quota in undergraduate medical colleges to students from government schools who passed the NEET exams but were unable to secure a spot. The measure went into effect during the 2020-2021 legislative term. According to the law, in admissions to MBBS, BDS, BSMS, BAMS, BUMS, and BHMS, 7.5 percent of seats would be set aside on a preferential basis for government school students who qualify in NEET.

More students might gain if a specific number of seats are allocated for government school pupils, with an estimated 1,650 seats anticipated to be added from new government medical institutions.

After the bill passed the Secretary of Kilpauk Medical College Alumni Association Prasad Manne said “The 7.5% quota policy helped to guarantee that seats were available. It will be difficult without it. Whatever the method, KMC graduates will assist the government.”.

7.5% quota bill’s affect on NEET aspirants

Things changed dramatically in 2020, when the State government announced a 7.5 percent reserve in medical seats for government school pupils. Over 300 students were able to realise their ambition of attending medical school as a result of this. There were 237 students in government medical institutions and 97 in self-financing medical colleges who qualified under the government quota.

This year, 455 students participating in the district’s free NEET coaching programme have applied to take the exam, and the number is anticipated to grow since applications are still being accepted. Due to the fact that NEET 2021 is planned for September 12, efforts are being made to assist students in enrolling in the free coaching programme.

NEET 2021 coaching provided by the government

This year’s NEET coaching was done using the e-box app, and students had access to video lectures and practise exams that they could complete online. The programme has enrolled over 1,000 students from classes XI and XII.

Government school instructors and NEET co-ordinators have started delivering daily practise examinations to children by distributing question papers to answer using Google forms since the online course through e-box stopped. Around 50 teachers contributed to the creation of study materials, question papers, and session planning. Simultaneously, with only online learning available, students and teachers are expecting for at least a few weeks of regular sessions with physical interaction prior to the NEET 2021.


Overall the decision made by the Tamil Nadu Government has helped the students to move towards their dreams. It was a good decision made to encourage more students. As in this COVID period, we saw that the doctors (frontline workers) have played a significant role in saving lifes. Being a Doctor has always been a reputed job and the inspiring stories from the frontline workers have enlightened the dream of becoming a doctor in many. This bill will help student  willing to pursue their dreams.

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