3rd day of International Young Mathematicians Convention (IYMC-2022)

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Lucknow, October 12 : Participants of 23 countries demonstrated their knowledge, creativity, and logical thinking in the international Mathematics competition and also presented their countries’ cultures on a global platform on the third day of the 6-day long International Young Mathematicians’ Convention being organized online by City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar campus I. Student participants of different countries enthusiastically participated in Mathwiz competition in the junior and senior category, in a bid to win maximum medals today. The event was organized under junior and senior category separately, wherein three students from each team participated in a tough competition and showcased their skills and knowledge of Mathematics. Participants solved 8 questions in 1.5 hours in each category under this competition.

            Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that the student participants from 23 countries viz Taiwan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Indonesia, Bulgaria, China, Russia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, South Africa, Romania, Botswana, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Tunisia and India are participating in various interesting contests of IYMC-2022 and unfolding the mysteries of different aspects of Mathematics on a common global platform. He added that the series of competitions will continue tomorrow, on 12th October as well. ‘Moderation of Mathmania (team contest) will be held at 11.00 am and 1.00 pm for the junior and senior category students respectively. Apart from this, a unique competition ‘Mathematical R&D’ will be held at 2.00 pm wherein participants will present their research paper through video presentation.

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