Lucknow, 18 August : The third day of the ongoing 4-day International Cultural Festival ‘Celesta International-2023’ being organized by City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus I overflowed with music as traditional folk dances, instrumental music and collage competitions took centre stage imparting the message of unity in diversity from across the borders. Participating students from USA, Bangladesh, Nepal and different parts of India put their best foot forward in a marvellous display of music and dance talents. While on one hand, the contesting teams compelled the audience to tap tap to the rousing beat of the music in traditional folk dance and orchestra contests, on the other hand the artistic presentation of environment conservation in collage competition drew the attention of one and all.

            The competitions on the 3rd day at Celesta International-2023 began today with a ‘Traditional Folk Dance’ competition in which 43 teams of India and abroad presented a galaxy of folk dances enthralling one and all. Each team comprised six students who put their soul and heart in their performances and won the judges’ praises. In the 3D Collage Contest, 43 teams showed up for participation with one member in each team. A time period of three hours was given and the topic was ‘Affordable Clean Energy’ . The children showed wonderful imagination unlocking the beauty of nature. They very effectively disseminated the message of environment protection and energy conservation. Water power, wind power and solar power were highlighted as alternative sources of affordable energy for the present and future. The Orchestra Contest was an audio treat, with 36 teams of various countries participating. With music running in their veins, the students enthralled the spectators, sending most of them tap tapping to the beats of the drum or humming on the sweet melodies of the flute, the given theme being peace, universal brotherhood and patriotism.

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