Lucknow, 17 August : On the 2nd day of 4-day International Cultural Festival ‘Celesta International-2023’ organized by City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus I at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium, the participating students from USA, Bangladesh, Nepal and various states of India displayed such outstanding musical ability that the entire hall reverberated with their combined energy and musical orchestra. While on the one hand, the participants of Celesta International painted the canvas in the Art & Painting competition, on the other hand, they displayed their patriotism, singing talents and creativity in Choir and Choreography competitions held today. It may be mentioned that Celesta International-2023 is being organized from 16 to 19 August in which over 500 students from India and abroad are participating and displaying their talents through different contests based on music, dance and fine arts.

            The competitions at Celesta International-2023 began today with the Choir contest which comprised 41 teams of USA, Bangladesh, Nepal and various states of India all eager to showcase their music skills. Each team comprised a total of 10 members including six students who sang on stage supported by musical instruments in the background. The theme of the contest was – Peace, Universal Brotherhood or Patriotism. The participants displayed tremendous singing ability mesmerizing one and all. Some of the songs were ‘Vande Matram’, ‘Dharti, Ambar, Parvat, Nadiya’, ‘Ai Vatan Tu Hi Meri Jaan’, ‘Together We Say We All Are One’, ‘Anekta Mein Ekta Hind Ki Visheshta’ etc. which disseminated the feeling of brotherhood and patriotism. The creative abilities of student participants from India and abroad were put up to display in the Art and Painting competition. The students’ emotions, sentiments and thoughts were poured out on paper in a very creative and colourful way imparting the message of climate change and the need to save Mother Earth from destruction by sustainable development, much to the delight of the spectators. Around 47 teams participated in this contest and produced their piece of art in two hours time on the topic ‘Climate Action’.

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