Magnificent result of CMS Cambridge section students in IGCSE Board Exam

Lucknow, May 22 : Lucknow’s only school offering IGCSE and A Levels affiliated to the Cambridge International assessment Education (CAIE), the Cambridge Section of City Montessori School, has achieved tremendous results yet again in its second year of the Class X Board. Cambridge International, a division of Cambridge Assessment, announced the results of its March 2020 examination series in India for its International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

The IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 15 to 16 year olds, recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is a global passport to progression and success.

The CMS Cambridge Section had put up 28 candidates with 215 entries across 11 subjects as its second cohort for the IGCSE examination. IGCSE students need to appear for a minimum of 5 subjects and can stretch the number of subjects according to their capacities.

Cambridge awards them grades from A* to U. In the CMS Cambridge Section, most of the students opted to take 8 or 9 subjects.
Anahita Singh topped the school, being on the 95.6th percentile with 7 A* grades and 3 A grades. Daksh Kumar Singh and Divyansh Tripathi shared the second position, being on the 90.4th percentile, scoring 4 As and 4 As. Saumya Upadhay scored 90% with 3 A and 4 As.

ICE (Distinction & Merit) Certification has been awarded to 16 students. In all, CMS Cambridge Section students brought in 31 A* grades and 65 A grades, which means that 44.7% of all entries scored A* or A grade in these prestigious examinations.

Senior Principal Ms Manjit Batra, said, “We are very proud of our students who have worked hard to achieve excellent IGCSE results. Our students have well rounded personalities with them attending curricular and co-curricular activities in class. They focussed equally on all aspects of overall personality development. The academics never held them back from participating in co curricular and extra curricular activities.”

Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager, Dr Bharti Gandhi, Founder Director, and Prof. Geeta Kingdon. President of CMS, expressed pleasure at these exam results and said: “we are thrilled with these results, and congratulate the students for such resounding academic success with a rigorous international exam board; We are delighted that our affiliation with the CAIE board enables us to make available a different kind of pedagogy to the young people of Lucknow”.

Mr Roshan Gandhi, CMS Director of Strategy, has been personally nurturing the Cambridge Section and he said: “We are extremely proud of these hardworking students, who have put in their best efforts and produced magnificent results. Hearty congratulations must be extended to the CMS Cambridge Section leadership and teachers, who have worked tirelessly to deliver this unique curriculum to the highest standards while empowering students to pursue extracurricular activities simultaneously.”

Sushma Rajkumar, CMS Cambridge Section coordinator said: “Cambridge Assessment (CAIE) is different from other Indian exam boards as the major part of the assessments are designed to test students’ application skills and require clear conceptual understanding and in-depth knowledge of a subject. Each subject’s exam consists of 2 or 3 papers which are set to test every aspect of the concerned subject. Here, selective study or rote learning is of no help to students.

The March series is exceptionally rigorous and challenging as exams are held in two shifts, back to back (i.e. with no revision days in between). Our students took up this challenge as an opportunity to prove their mettle.”

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