Dentists Should Not be a part in Covid Treatments in Patient’s Wards

NEET Bulletin (New Delhi, Desk): An advisory has been issued by the Dental Council of India (DCI) to all the state governments asking not to post Dentists for coronavirus treatment and in the wards with patients. The major reason behind that is dentists can only be used for non medical work i.e contact tracing and patient tracking, and health facility infection control management pre-screening, recording case history and identification of vulnerable age groups, community engagement.

It is being observed that dentists can be the best for non medical purposes as it would not harm any of the Covid Patients. The DCI issued an advisory stating that dentists should not be posted in isolation wards to treat the COVID-19 patients, which may put the patient at risk.

The various duties that a dentist can perform are as follows-

  1. Pre-Screening
  2. Administrative Work
  3. Organising capacity building and training for healthcare professionals
  4. Post discharge counselling and management of patients

MBBS Doctors should be first given the preference to treat the patients in case of an emergency. If dentists had to be a part of covid emergency cases then they should be trained before dealing with any patients so that they can handle things well. These things should be considered and taken care of before handing over any responsibility.

Dr KK Talwar, former director, PGI-Chandigarh said that this thing should be considered and dentists could be given proper training so that they can also handle situations and could be of help.

Furthermore, All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) has requested the Union health ministry to postpone or cancel all the eye checkup camps because they can increase the spread of disease and can cause risk to the patients.

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