BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: Niti Aayog proposes allowing Dental Surgeons to practice Family Medicine

In an attempt to address the acute shortfall of doctors in the country, Niti Aayog has proposed a Bridge Course between BDS and MBBS. The successful completion of the course would allow Dentists to practice family medicine. The move is based on the premise that the dental courses in the country follow the same training and curriculum as the MBBS courses for the first three years. The proposal looks at empowering the dentists in the country to cater to the ‘primary health care’.

A meeting in regards the proposal was conducted by Niti Aayog at the PMO on April 9. The proposal is being examined by the think tank and the Union Health Ministry. It is an attempt to provide more mid level medical practitioners in the country and help the acute shortage, 

Another meeting to further discuss the feasibility of the same is scheduled to be conducted on April 22, 2019. Reports suggest that DCI or Dental Council of India and Medical Council of India has been considering such a bridge course since 2016. IF approved, the move may provide the health practitioners which are required.

Last year Niti Aayog had proposed a similar bridge course for practitioners of alternative medicine (under Aayush). The proposal, however, was opposed and shelved by the think tank. As for reports, MCI and DCI are deleberating on the feasibility of the new proposal. 

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