Ayurveda can fight COVID 19 : We need to keep quacks aside and take care of fake news stories

NEET Bulletin (New Delhi, Desk): The only way to establish, enhance and flourish credibility of Ayurveda professionals to fight against infectious diseases like COVID 2019 pandemic is to bring some new formulations ahead of our foreign counterparts by conducting laboratory tests on new formulations and keep the quacks and fake news stories away from getting spread on social media and other platforms.

In our country, in terms of research and development we have not developed much compared to other countries. We have failed to continue our legacy established by our great researchers. Misinformation on various aspects of treatment and diagnosis has been circulated on all medical systems like allopathy, ayurveda and other systems. WHO calls this as an Infodemic, which is further harmful for the healthcare system globally.

Ayurvedic professionals are not much active at present during this pandemic situation and the profession is facing domination by quacks, astrologers, grandmothers and other religious leaders and authorities.

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